Something just made a low, heavy "BOOM!!" in Charleston and shook the house a little. I thought my father-in-law might have passed out in the shower (because their bathroom shares a common wall with this room). He came out though, because he had heard it, and we went outside. All the neighbors were out...trying to find out what it was, assuming it was nearby...but we could see nor hear anything.

So strange...but also very worrisome.

Update 11:05 p.m.: Oh, no. A chemical plant in Institute (11 miles from here) had a huge explosion. People felt it in Lincoln County. People who lived near there have called the news to say they were knocked out of their beds. There is no "shelter in place" right now but the Interstate has been shut down. Initial reports, though, indicate that there may have been only one injury or no injuries at all.

Update 11:43 p.m.: It still looks like the injuries were few (but more than "none") and a shelter-in-place has been issued for the area from the South Charleston and westward past Institute. I know you probably know this (if you live there), but I just don't want you wandering outside taking deep breaths because Tina told you you could.

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