I'm Not Sure Why We Bought Them Beds

Because obviously they prefer to sleep on the hardwood floor:

There's a child under that shiny, pink blanket. It's my youngest...who started out the night on her bed. By morning, she'll be at least halfway out into the hall. Her sister is about five feet to the left, also on the floor. She also started out on the bed. I've tried to put them back on their beds, but they don't stay. I've asked them why they sleep on the floor...but they just use the standard kid answer. ("I dunnooh.")

I don't remember ever preferring a cold, hard floor over a soft, warm bed. Eric says that, as a child, he liked to sleep on the floor a lot of the time. With these two, I'll find the older one sleeping there maybe 40% of the time and the younger one almost 100% of the time.

So is this something most kids like or is it just some King Family trait?


Deadpan Alley said...

I used to be a floor-sleeper. And from time to time I find my son in the floor beside my bed. (That may be due to the strictly enforced "no kids in the marital bed" rule, however.)

spinster girl said...

Growing up, my parents would spend long hours at the office (they worked together -- still do). This meant that we (my sister and I) spent long hours at the office as well (e.g. "We'll go home when I finish..."). A few minutes often turned into hours and as such I learned to sleep in a number of places -- once falling asleep on a typewriter and another time on the steps leading up to the "sleeping quarters" (before they became the sleeping quarters.) The sister and I used to tuck in a sheet between our adjacent beds at home and would sleep under them. Beds are for conformists, Tina!

Jennifer said...

When I was little, I would be put to bed in my bed, but inevitably would wake up on the floor in the morning. I don't remember ever *intending* to sleep on the floor. Just ended up there. I dunnooooh.

Melissa said...

Wow. I was about to say that was a weird King thing, but Martha and Sara sure put me in my place.

We are conformists, it seems.