2008 Whirlwind Scrabble Tour: VICTORY in Strongsville!!!

Holy frijoles...NOW we're talkin!!!

I've been to 14 Scrabble tournaments in the last twelve months...and I've finally placed "in-the-money"! This weekend, at the Cleveland Classic in Strongsville, Ohio, I won 11 out of 15 games and finished second in my division!!

If you've followed along with my blog at all, you might know that I've been engaged in many of these tournaments during my 2008 Whirlwind Scrabble Tour. I've studied and studied and played and played...trying to prove to myself that I chose to take on a tough game, against tough opponents, and that I could succeed. This weekend's tournament gives me a feeling of progress...a small piece, a beginning to that success.

And it has been a fun year for Scrabble. I've flown and driven all around:

Elyria, Ohio (March);

Charleston, West Virginia (April);

Richfield, Ohio (April);

Pittsburgh, PA (June);

Rocky River, OH (July);

Pontiac, MI (August);

Hudson, OH (September);

Huntington, WV (Club Tourney, October);

South Lyon, MI (October);

Elyria, OH (October);

Durham, NC (October);

Lexington, KY (November);

Mississauga, Ontario (November); and, of course,

Strongsville this last weekend.

The $125 I won for my second place finish in the Cleveland Classic was nice...but not as nice as the other things I gained this weekend. I got 134 ratings points, a poster signed by all the players in my division, a cool dinosaur made out of Scrabble tiles, tons of compliments about the boards I'd made, and, best of all, I got to spend time with friends.

In 2009, I'm not going to play in as many tournaments but I'll still do about one a month. But what a great note to end the year on!! Thank you to Dallas and George (the Strongsville directors) for making this last tournament of the year (well, my year) so fun and comfortable. A very special thank you to all my friends who support this Scrabble effort of mine, who contributed to my fun and adventure, who logged hundreds and hundreds of miles on the road with me, who laughed with me, who helped me study, and who sometimes just listened when I'd lose my mind.

See you all in 2009!!!


Deadpan Alley said...


Your hours of hard work and studying are paying off! If they gave an MVP award for Scrabble, I think it should go to you.

Michael said...

Truly, what a great way to end the year, and what a deserving person! Fun playing with you (even if you were LETHAL this weekend. And if my girlfriend was cheering for you...)

See you soon...probably at the Eastern Championship. :)

Melissa said...


Even though I haven't been in town to witness your transformation into Scrabble Goddess, it's been fun reading about it. You've really come a long way! You should be very proud!

Tina said...

AWWW!!! You guys are so sweet and kind! I appreciate the support!!!

John Spangler said...

Way to go, Tina! Congratulations on your great finish.

You only had four losses, and one of them was to me! But it took me two bingos; the Q, Z, and both blanks; and an unsuccessful challenge of my play LOGICS & DOI(L)IES just to manage to get a +28 from you this weekend.

Wasn't the Cleveland Classic fun? Great group of people in Division C. Nice to be with old friends and make some new ones while playing the best board game there is!!

Guess what have started my second blog -- that's getting in my blood, too, I guess. SingAlongMessiah.blogspot.com is up and running in its infant form. Lisa should like that one.

Look forward to being with the WV gang again soon!

Tina said...

Thanks, John! Me and the rest of our WV gang really enjoy getting to see you, too!

And all those tiles? Really?!? Wow! Thanks for filling me in. That makes me feel pretty darn good!

Blog in the Ointment said...

I hope you don't come to the conclusion that it was me or Sara that messed up your Scrabble Mojo in Canada. Well done, Scrabble Goddess. You have now transitioned to being able to say "Why yes, I do play Scrabble for money."