Oh, sheesh.

The four-year-old just said (about me)..."Her shaked her head no." Her dad corrected her..."SHE shaked her head no."

I guess we should be glad his job is math-based.


spinster girl said...

In his defense, it does sound right. Or is that correct?

Tina said...

Peter's son says shook.

spinster girl said...

That was supposed to be a joke about usage of right vs. correct. Grammar jokes aren't funny. Still, unlike "You was..." shook doesn't sound all sorts of wrong. Maybe AC/DC is to blame?

Almost Famous said...

I think my all-time favorite is "I seen..."


Deadpan Alley said...

Here's the vernacular conjugation:

"I shake"

"She shakes"

"Before that, she shook"

"In the past, he has shooken"

John said...

Boy, does this hit close to home. At the Redeye in Minneapolis in January, I played SEEKED* and my opponent, Melissa Brown, a great gal against whom I really enjoy playing, looked at me quizzically (naturally) and put me on hold before challenging it. On the way back from the computer word judge, I whispered to her, *You gotta remember I grew up in Appalachia." She broke up in stitches. Self-deprecating humor is the best kind.

See you WV folks in Elyria!

Montani semper liberi -- even if our English usage is a bit off.

Jennifer said...

This made me smile.

p.s. Shooken? For real?

Tina said...

I didn't see your comment before, John! I think keeping a sense of humor does help us mountain folk quite a bit (as long as a certain ex-Vice-President isn't taking the joke too far).

And, Jennifer...fo shizzle.

Brad Mills said...

Said veep is named "Dick" for a reason, dear. :)