Blogging it up

By definition, fads come and go and anyone who doesn't have a MySpace by now probably isn't going to make one. Although I got in on the MySpace trend somewhat early on, my page has been up for a few years now and I'm not finding it as fun or interesting as it used to be. Some people say it became a "time sucker" but that part of it came and went for me quite a while ago. So, I'm not sure yet if I'll completely dismantle it, but I'm not really going to mess with it much anymore.

But then sometimes we still need a forum for our opinions or an interesting story...or even just some random thoughts. I used to post those on my MySpace blog but that fell along the wayside along with my routine time on the site. I haven't blogged at all in about six months...and not much the six months before that. So now I'm here. Dubya-dubya-dubya-dot-Scrabble-crush-dot-blogspot-dot-com.

And, upon my entry back into the world of virtual mass communication, I'll say's been a tough past eight months. I've transitioned from one job to another, I started graduate school while working that full-time job, and Eric was injured on the job in September 2007 and hasn't been back to work since (and got a pacemaker). We've had some good times in there, though, and some interesting things, so I'm going to try and focus this blog, as much as possible, on those bright spots. It might take me a few entries to work my way backward through anything I might have missed talking about but still want to.

SO...let's blog it!

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Jennifer said...

I love you, and I think you're amazing, and I can't wait to read everything you blog about.