Household Politics

This afternoon the family was taking a walk around the neighborhood and the four-year-old announced, "I'm voting for John McCain!" She was actually doing that kid kind of marching thing and said, "Ahm voting for John Mah...CAIN!"

Anyway, this announcement doesn't surprise me. My husband will do about anything he can to bug me. (He's got serious middle child syndrome and is, how you attention whore.) So, yeah...he taught her to say that.

So I told her that John McCain wants to take away all of her toys and that, more than anything, John McCain hates ice cream. Eric countered that Barack Obama wants to take all of her toys and redistribute them so that all children have the same number of toys.

Edie put her hands on her cute little cheeks, smooshed her face around a bit, then pushed her hair over her face.

It's going to be quite an election season here in the house.


Deadpan Alley said...

Just print this out and hang it on her wall.

TTHBTK said...

AAAAHAHAhaahaahaha!!! Wonderful! Perfect.

spinster girl said...

This reminds me of sitting at your dining room table while Stony told you that not only was he voting for McCain, but that he wanted to be a Boy Scout! as for this year's election, I think I'm ready to squeeze my own cheeks until November 5.

daisybones said...


I forgot to blog the moment when Obama was on TV and Molly yells, "Daddy!" I played it up big for Bu when he came home. Made a fun story, and I got to use the phrase "Sexy, powerful black man," which is always a win:)

daisybones said...

@spinster girl,

I need Ambien or something to make it until election day. I was awake at 3:00am worrying about Sarah Palin and the nation's disturbing trend toward anti-intellectualism.

Steve said...

If my spouse supported McCain and this sort of thing happened in our household, I wouldn't know how to handle it.
And if McCain ends up winning the election? Well, then I'd make the proverbial move to Canada - by myself.
I'm just sayin'.