Scrabble Tour Star Cancels Show: Cites "Exhaustion"

That's right. I've exhausted all my efforts to find a babysitter for this weekend so I could make the trip to Fenton, Michigan (and the next scheduled stop on my 2008 Whirlwind Scrabble Tour). Actually, I had a sitter but that plan fell through. And the role of weekend babysitter has to be filled with someone close, usually a family member or a babysitter you've used for a long time. The kids would be thrown off balance quite a bit by having someone less-than-close be their caregiver for that long. Or maybe they wouldn't. I don't know. Either way, I'm not willing to risk it. Eric has Army drills this weekend so it would have had to be someone I trusted to stay with the kids and keep them safe all night on Saturday, too.

I suppose I can just use this time to study more and then take my opponents by storm in Hudson, Ohio next weekend. Still...I hate cancelling a show.


Adrian said...

Great blog! I also have a Scrabble blog (, which you may care to add to your links.

I am cycling across America, during which I will be playing Scrabble with a different person each day, starting in three weeks time. I live in Glasgow, Scotland, aged 42.
The 4,000 miles will take 2½ months to cover, riding 60 miles a day, travelling from Seattle to Charleston, South Carolina. Hopefully this will lead to a book - about America, its people, Scrabble, the election and the cycling. Last year I did the same thing around England and the year before that, Scotland.


Steve said...

We'll miss you!

Although this does give me a better chance at poker;-)

TTHBTK said...

Well, best of luck, Adrian! If you find yourself cycling through Charleston, West Virginia, I might know someone who might like to play Scrabble!!

I've added your link to my page. :-)

TTHBTK said...

OH, if only there were a wee-hours-of-the-early-morning Sunday flight back from Detroit. I'd fly up on Saturday evening just for poker, Steve. I do love playing some cards with smart folk.

Melissa said...

Concern about your kids' welfare, blah, blah, blah...but what about your fans, Tina??? Your FANS??