Duck Hunt

My son's dad hunts and Stony has had a .22 rifle since he was five. During duck season (December and January), his dad took this video:

It strikes me he much younger he looks with his hair uncut. (He's actually almost ten there and had tried to grow it out like a lot of kids do but it's so straight he didn't really get the look he was going for.) Just a month or so later, here's how he looked with his hair cut much shorter.

And, yes, I recognize the irony of saying how pretty an animal is right after you've shot it. Personally, I wouldn't like to hunt...but I eat meat (with the exception of beef) so...what can I say? And they did follow the tradition of not killing any animal just for sport by having duck for dinner. I guess it also follows the trend around our house, which is to eat organic foods and free-range meat as much as possible. (Here's a chance to plug Bluegrass Kitchen, one of my favorite restaurants ever. They serve only organic food.)

The point of my story...and I always get around to the the way Stony talks cracks me up. He sounds like he's reading from a script! Funny how, when he's writing, the typically-slow fourth grade writing speed, along with his tendency to get distracted, hinders the expression of his thoughts. Someone had the great idea once (really, I'm not being sarcastic) of getting him a laptop. The point was getting him to type, and able to get what he wanted to say out before he forgot. It's really too bad The Evil Genius keeps ripping the keys off his keyboard without anyone seeing her.

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