Steel City Scrabble - Day 1 least I'm still cute and funny. Maybe.

Today didn't go so well for this wanna-be Scrabble expert. The eight games I played in this first day of the Pittsburgh tournament left me with a record of 2-and-6. And, as I'm known to do, I just got so excited and worked up about this tournament so I didn't handle a subsequent disappointment very well. My dear friend Martha tried to treat my disappointment with hugs and assurances that "you'll win the next game!" She even acted like it was completely normal when my eyes would tear up after reporting yet another loss.

My fellow West Virginia Scrabble players have had a pretty good day, though! They've all got significant winning records and I'll report on that after tomorrow's second (and final) day of the tournament.

But like I've talked about before, part of the fun of Scrabble tournaments is the after-hours Scrabble and poker (of which I chose the second). I had a great time playing Texas Hold 'Em with seven other tournament goers...and even took third place (netting me a profit of $10). Poker is a different brand of fun, too, because the rules of behavior are more relaxed. While smack-talking your opponent in a Scrabble match would be cause for a warning and maybe dismissal from the tournament, smack-talking your fellow poker players is permitted...and fun. You'll never find me talking it up too bad, though. I don't want to have to eat those words.

So wish me luck tomorrow, friends. I need it.

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