The Move - Part 1

Well, there was definitely no time for pictures...but the move that took the last two days of our lives was quite a sight. Seriously, the amount of stuff people accumulate is ca-razy. Remember the pile of things I'd started for donation to Goodwill? The pictures in that last post are two sides of the back of our kitchen. By the time our move was over, the piles of bags and boxes had stretched beyond the little wall right where the bags had stopped, spanned from one wall to the other, and came out beyond the wall by about two feet. In the end, I'd say we had ten boxes and 50 bags for Goodwill.

Otherwise, most of our things have gone into storage. Our more commonly used things are here with us at my in-laws' house. The painting I couldn't live without (and still love, love, love) is going to the caring hands of a friend to protect it from the possible damage of storage (even though it's an indoor facility). My boxes of pictures remain with me. Having control of my photographs is so important to me. I've always felt that, in case of a fire, the children and cats come first, then the photographs, and the rest is replaceable.

So the house we're considering renting (at four bedrooms, a rare downtown find) is being remodeled and our final decision will come when we can see the final phases of the work. We all keep pretty busy so hopefully we'll be able to stay out from under each other's feet until we move again. I hope the other place turns out well, though. I've consulted with the police department about it and the street got a great reference from them. It's just our style and still within easy walking distance to downtown locales (including my office).

Wait...did I really just say "move...again?" I'm afraid so. Every single one of my fingers is even sore, but at least if we do it again in a few weeks, there will be way less to carry. One might even consider that having rid ourselves of so much excess chattel, we may even completely unpack all the boxes.

And the only thing that may be worse than moving? Building...and then moving. It's a labor of love,, Melissa?

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