Approaching my Scrabble Tour launch!

Tomorrow will find me in my usual spots for a weekday, perched in an unhealthy posture on the very edge of my office chair working, marching up and down the street to our main office, or simply darting over to Grasshopper's office to have some fun giving him a hard time. (Grasshopper is what I call our youngest associate. And, yes, I march and dart but rarely stroll.) A number of lucky Scrabble players, though, will be starting the five-day National Scrabble Championship in Orlando. (An interesting number, in fact: 666.)

Although I won't be playing in Orlando, I do have some big plans coming up. I've been studying and studying and studying since I made my commitment to my 2008 Whirlwind Scrabble Tour. SOON, it will be August. Before August is over, I'll be on an airplane (courtesy of my husband's new airline job), headed to Detroit. The Labor Day Weekend tournament in Pontiac, Michigan will kick off the big, seven-tournament series I'll complete between August and December. The Rocky River, Ohio tournament officially marked the start of my super fun half-year, but the fall and winter tournaments will be much more concentrated.

But there's a big bonus, you know. Three out of the eight tournaments are in the Detroit area. That means I get to spend a few fun Friday nights with my awesome friend, Spinster Girl. She just moved to Michigan and I can't wait to see her again!!!


Deadpan Alley said...

I'm so so so jealous. I miss her.

You should convince SG to attend a tournament with you - even if it's just to watch for a day.

I really think she could be lured over to the dark side.

TTHBTK said...

Well, yeah...she's seems intelligent enough. And she does have all those degrees in English and such. I wonder if she could be lured if she knew about the naughty word list.