My Wordle

So here is the ever-popular Wordle, this one based on my blog:

Even though it's generated based on the frequency of words, the position is random. I like finding certain phrases hidden or not-so-hidden among the words (which end up sounding something like magnetic poetry).

Some things I see:

Scrabble time

just like morning

Scrabble weekend

better response

Scrabble night

take tournament pictures

today make years

look right now

go home

great playing

something interesting

one good move make another

Scrabble words

started sure course

life signs

something now

Sure, it may sound a little like Tarzan-ese or maybe even Yoda-ish...but you get the point...s.

1 comment:

Deadpan Alley said...

Beautiful Wordle! And I love your poetry.