It's "See You Later"

If you have one true friend, you have more than your share. (Thomas Fuller)

I often say I'm not a big fan of change in life. That can't be true, though. I'm always looking to change things for the better. I guess what I mean to say is I take great comfort in certain aspects of my life and am never very open to the possibility that variations might be acceptable.

It took me about two years to really get to know my dear friend, whom I'll refer to by her blog name, "Spinster Girl," although I could never see her in that light. SG is intelligent, funny, and a wonderfully-unique person but about 1000 times more introverted than me. (This may reflect more on my crazy all-up-in-people's-face-ways more than on her.) This slow development, though, produced a solid friendship that I treasure and trust.

But now our SG has had to make the tough choice to move on. This town simply could not provide the career opportunities she deserved. A firm in Toledo has snatched her up and on Saturday she drove off in a truck filled with her belongings. Now she's going to live between Toledo and Detroit.

So many here in Charleston are mourning the daily or almost daily presence of our friend. As for me, my discomfort with this change is buffered by knowing I'll get to see her fairly often (because of Eric's new job and my Scrabble tour), and that those times will be something to look forward to. Those times are something I look forward to.


spinster girl said...

Uh, I'm glad to see that you pointed it out so I didn't have to. I might be 1000 times more introverted than you (and I'm thinking that I'm maybe like 500 times more), but you are 1000 times more introverted than the average person. :P I can't wait to see you! Thank you for this post!

spinster girl said...

I mean extroverted (see also: all up in your face.)