Charleston's Own Underground Kitchen

Last month, Charleston's first (as far as I know) Underground Kitchen made its debut. What is Underground Kitchen? It's not a's more of a concept. The concept? Serve a fabulous dinner to two or three dozen people, with a secret menu, and a surprise location to be revealed to the guests the day before. The identities of the guests are kept secret and, also, you're not allowed to sit with whomever you came.

Sound socially-awkward, scary, or potentially hazardous to your picky taste buds? Put your minds at ease!! Only the very coolest people would attend a dinner party with so many elements of surprise...and last time the cuisine consisted of: Seared ‘Steak’ Medallions with Plum Sauce over Scallion Parmesan Polenta; Grilled Asparagus Spears and Prosciutto with Honey-Mint-Goat Cheese Spread; Bruschetta with Wild Mushrooms, Tomato, Madeira & Asiago; and Fruited Couscous Salad with Tarragon, Citrus & Buttermilk Dressing. Doesn't that sound just awesome?

So last month I was otherwise-scheduled. This month, I've already bought and paid for my ticket! Last I heard, though, there were only about five tickets not requested for July...but there are about a dozen not yet paid for. You can still snag one of those unrequested tickets (and pay for it to secure your seat) or, if there aren't any of those left, you can let your evil side run wild and snatch a ticket up anyway (by paying).

So, friends...come on over and have dinner with me and the other cool people I know will be there (because they're the cooks). Although I can't yet give a first-hand report, I seriously don't think you'll be disappointed.


heidi said...

How interesting... I'd seen the Underground Kitchen Blog in someone's profile somewhere but was to spazzed or busy to click. Wassup if a vegetarian was interested? Looks like there were plenty of appropriate sides.

So: the intro I skipped... I found you through our dear SG, whom unfortunately I've just started to get to know. Finding such an adorable and fun Charleston blog is exciting! I wonder if we've met, knowing some of the same people and all. Anyway- hi, I'm Heidi.

TTHBTK said...

Howdy, Heidi! If my memory serves me correctly, when I requested my ticket, I was asked if I was veggie or if I had any other particular dietary needs. (I had to note that I wasn't veggie but that I don't eat beef.) No problem here, though! I could eat my weight in yummy side dishes!

heidi said...

Fabulous:) Will be needing to save up for le splurge. It is just so urban and hip and intriguing it's irresistible!